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The Draft

I am watching the NFL Draft tonight. For some that's snooze TV. Not for me. I've waited anxiously for this day since the Denver Broncos played their last game last season. Actually, I might have been anticipating this since the middle of last season.

The draft in any sport is the ultimate game of who to choose. 255 players will get chosen this weekend out of a pool of thousands. Teams are trying to find the best players to fit their team's needs and desires. Sometimes, a team makes a great pick that becomes a starter or even a superstar for years to come. Other times, the pick doesn't work out for one reason or another and the team is back at square one. (The Broncos just picked WR Jerry Jeudy - woohoo!)

The reason I'm thinking about all of this is because God has held a draft...and with His pick He! Think about that. The creator of the universe has chosen you. He wants you! You are exactly the right person for the right position for the right team.

Sometimes we don't feel wanted like that. The situations of life, problems, hurts, fears, anger, etc., all lead to forgetting that we have been chosen, but that is exactly what He has done. Not only does He want you as a part of His family (Jesus came and died so that could happen), but He wants you as part of His Kingdom team. You have a purpose and a very important role. He has chosen you.

I've watched a lot of picks tonight. The next step for each of these players is to get on the field and produce. These players weren't drafted to watch from the sidelines. God didn't draft you to watch from the sidelines. Get into the game. You've been drafted by the King!

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